Sunday, 21 February 2021

Surf Goat

Surfing goats seen in California....and RSC plan virtual performances of Midsummer Night's Dream using avatars. Probably not fake news.


Snigging and Snedding

Never heard of the Lumber Jills, like the Land Girls, but with trees. Snigging (dragging logs) and snedding (pruning trees) were some of their jobs. (National Arboretum)


Shot at Dawn/ Lost at Sea

National Arboretum


You're so Vane

Fab peacock weather vane and predictable cock at another defunct farm in Streethay


Bygone Lichfield Pubs and Farms

Old signs- on Austin Cote Farm (now housing) and The Anchor Pub (Physiotherapists)


Blocked Sink- Strength & Courage

Vi Et Animo! Warning, do not poke down blocked sinks with a skewer! 


Poor Mary

Tale of woe on a Honley gravestone......