Thursday, 6 January 2022

My Favourite Christmas Card 2021

Here's it is....the winner is Jason's lino cut, thanks J!


Deck the Poodles With Boughs of Holly

 Twelfth Night dismantling of decorations (always a day with a tinge of sadness- doesn't it look bare?) has evolved into a  habit of counting card designs and finding a winner for the most popular one. So here it is,  this year's Christmas Card Hall of Fame. In first place; animals, with a surprise new entry- dogs. (Deer and rabbits/hares scored highest). Coming in at number 2; Christmas words, with puns and song lyrics or carols in particular and a fall in Noels, Season's Greetings and good old Merry Christmas. In 3rd place, winter landscapes. A rise in nativities (joint 5th with trees), but less snowmen, santas, stockings and baubles. Colour scheme this year was a rise in blue, purple and white cards, with less red and green.  6 great homemade cards this year, always my favourite!

Monday, 3 January 2022

Kitsch Korner

Gav's Cliff Richard calendar gets the prize this year. Marcus felt unwell after reading the vomit book, which was a close 2nd. However, Cliff will have lasting "appeal" and is now safely secured to the back of the toilet door where we can all enjoy him for  365 days of 2022.


Heywood Lane, Austerlands (turnpike trailing)


Beaumont Park tree Carvings/ Wheat sheaf Capstone

These tree stump wood carvings are worth a look if you're in Beaumont Park. Capstone is above a barn on Midway, South Crosland


Midway Sheepdog Weathervane

Sheepdog points the way at South Crosland


Blacksmith's Gate

                     I liked this gate at Linthwaite, incorporating old tools, horse shoes and tack