Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Whosoever Well

Can't remember where I saw this one.... it would probably be called the "Whatever" well now

Dorothy Well

Dorothy paid for this one, I suspect (Portinscale)

Watering Hole

Well and washing sinks in Holmfirth

Well at Netherton

I don't think the Law directs anyone to look after this well anymore. 
Holmfirth D of E group tidied it up a while back  though!

Well at Honley, 1796

You have been warned

Yorkshire Water 1864

 Cottage dwellers at Holmfirth paid to mend their own well by public subscription, back in the day. The well at Holmfirth trickles away down the hillside, to be bottled and sold by enterprising souls further down the valley.....

Dunford Road Spout

Grubby old pump seeks kindly soul for TLC. Holmfirth area