Wednesday, 13 January 2021


                                                 Now on Volume 6 of the Corona Diaries...

Lockdown Diary Volume 6

Brockholes Missing Letters

A kingfisher flew under the packhorse bridge...can you work out the name on the padlocked door?


Friday, 8 January 2021

West Nab, Standedge and Pule Hill

Ground rock hard, ice and snow made for a couple of wonderful walks in the New Year


Hygge in South Crosland

New Year's Eve. Snow on the ground, blankets, hot water bottles, a glowing fire melting snow not providing much heat... the Hygge experience minus friends, a bar and a  Hygge Tent (absent from St George's Square , Huddersfield this year). It was a cold,clear, still night with many stars. We stayed out for nearly 4 hours. And yes, it was cold!


King Alfred's Cakes?

Christmas Fungus


Turkeytail Magdale & Healey House Honesty

As seen on Boxing Day walk