Monday, 29 December 2014


Another stone head from Lichfield Cathedral Pedilavium (foot washing arcade). I like the 13th century headscarf...I think it's called a wimple!

Lichfield Angel

Sketching Anglo-Saxon sculpture, on display in Lichfield Cathedral Chapter House 
29th Dec 2014
"Excavation within the Gothic nave of Lichfield Cathedral in 2003 revealed three phases of masonry building ante-dating the Norman period. These are likely to relate to the church of St Peter, which Bede described in 731 as housing the timber shrine to St Chad, fifth bishop of Mercia (d 672). A rectangular, timber-lined pit found on the central axis of the building might represent a crypt or burial chamber beneath the shrine. Buried in a small pit alongside this were three fragments of a bas-relief panel of Ancaster limestone, carved with the figure of an angel. They comprise half of the left-hand end of a hollow, box-like structure that had a low-coped lid. This is interpreted as a shrine chest associated with the cult of St Chad. The sculpture, which was broken and buried in, or before, the tenth century, is in remarkably fresh condition, allowing for an in-depth analysis of its original painted embellishment and for an assessment of the monument in terms of its iconography and stylistic affinities, and thus the possible conditions of its production. It is argued that the surviving portion of the panel represents the archangel Gabriel, and that it is one half of an Annunciation scene.
Extract: The Lichfield Angel: A Spectacular Anglo-Saxon Painted Sculpture
Warwick Rodwell, Jane Hawkes, Emily Howe and Rosemary Cramp

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Pick 'em, lick 'em, roll 'em, stick 'em

Stony Batter Home Brewery....bottle labelling room
Here's some I stuck earlier, Christmas parcels

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Let's Fly Away

Offski....offpiste. Ski Slope bound amigos get stuck on  runway snow at Liverpool airport

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Bird Ear

Another Stone Head from Lichfield cathedral...with birds for ears


Visit to the Pedilavium (Footwashing arcade) inside Lichfield Cathedral's  13th Century Chapter House. Pilgrims visiting the shrine to St Chad would have had their feet washed before  entering the cathedral. This bearded stone head was above one of the 13 stone of which was bricked up (= 12 apostles - Judas). There were quite a few of these beardy heads, probably a selfie by the stone mason.....

Staffordshire Hoarding

More Saxon gold in Lichfield Cathedral. The eagle headed gold mount is smaller than I've drawn it...inlaid with tiny gold wire spirals..

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Erasmas Darwin's Window

This plaster face scared the life out of me earlier in the year, peeping out of the window  at  Erasmus Darwin's House.....
Timbers, chimneys and buckled roof, Cathedral Close, Lichfield. I drew this a fair few times as a teenager....

Kath's Gone Grass Heading Mad!!

Another Grass Head Creation....

Grow Your Own Head of Service (for a  retiring comrade of mine from the days of Community Development Work)

Buy one...get one free (or just ask me to make you one)

Grow Your Own Rod Stewart

Here's one I made earlier....

In celebration of Rod's forthcoming 70th Year....a chance to recreate some of his iconic hairstyles from the last 8 decades. Kath's gone Grass Heading Mad!!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Umbrella Protest

The 2014 Hong Kong protests, also called the Umbrella Movement (Chinese: 雨傘運動) or Umbrella Revolution (Chinese: 雨傘革命), began in September 2014 ...(Cheers, Wikipedia)

Roll Out The Barrel

Stony Batter Home Brewing

Ticking Clocks

See Shabang's Countdown to Christmas

Barnacle Bill

See Shabang's Countdown to Christmas


More Bag Lady illustrations.

Bag Lady

New Shabang Book out soon...Bag Lady, with my illustrations. How uplifting to be involved with National Diversity Award Winning Theatre. Hats off for Kim, Russ, Ruben & Co.... See:

Established 1983

More Robin Homebrew being bottled shortly