Saturday, 15 April 2017

Skiddaw Hens

Don't let the chickens out! Sign on way up Skiddaw.....


A walk to see the effects of storm Desmond along the river Greta......bridges smashed to pieces, including one near the old bobbin mill at Low Brierley

Round Derwent Water

Got a bit carried away with notes on a walk round Derwent Water...

Down Acorn Street

Out and about round Keswick


Missing Keswick.....just the washing to remind me!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rod Stewart Fan Club

Rod catching up with Kath's Arty Blog....

Wonderwoman and the Vegan Runners

As seen running past on the Monsal Trail (Bakewell Half Marathon)......


Some of the runners at Bakewell Half Marathon (25th & 26th March)

Bakewell Tart Medal

Bakewell Half Marathon, down the Monsal Trail......I was only watching, luckily 
(well done Robin & Co!)

Sticky Buds

Plants and trees springing into life ....


Flowers in Cressbrookdale on the Monsal Trail.....