Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Cuan- Shonky Celtic Knot

Logo on a yachtsman's sweatshirt at Boshaw Whams reservoir a couple of weeks ago.. turns out it's the name of a pub near Strangford Loch in Northern Ireland. My Celtic knot's a bit shonky

Storm Lantern

Wilshaw Village Hall, Hokum gig at PieFest, rusty old appliance

Watch Out on the Towpath

A timely reminder

Snail Trail

Beware of the Snail (Bradley Cycle Trail) 

Rooster Weathercock

This one near Whitley...

Long Tongue Scrogg

Tenuous connection: Green Man in Wakefield Cathedral.......and  I just like the name Long Tongue Scrogg, a lane near Houses Hill.....

Wakefield Westgate

Excriting Train Trip to Wakefield Westgate today, where we encountered a English Defence League Demo, adjoining Peace Demo, mounted police and noisy drunken bums on the Real Ale Rail Trail....I distracted myself by drawing a rude carving in the cathedral (c1500)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Calligraphy Calendar 1983- 1984

 Mr McHugh's impressive handwritten school calendar

The Mullets

Netherstowe School Reunion this weekend. Pleased to see the school mag in 1965 celebrated our 1980s haircuts....

Thursday, 2 July 2015


More Bat facts .....


Trip to the Stiperstones with the intrepid Sue Birkin

Extra Nipple

Fascinating Bat Facts, courtesy of the Hostel warden, Bridges YHA (Long Mynd). What was that about the extra nipple?

Lady of the Manor

Fantastic weekend at Bridges Youth Hostel, formerly Ratlinghope school, built by former chain maker's daughter and music hall singer turned Lady of the Manor Mrs Mahler Scott in 1866...