Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Bridlington Fishermen

Closeup of the Bridlington Fishermen memorial

Rusty Peacock

A bit of old ironmongery on an  old cart, Bridlington

Cart Park

Old cart in a pub car park, Bridlington


Forgotten fishermen of the North Sea

You Shall Have a Fishy on a Little Dishy

It was blowing a gale on the harbour in Bridlington, so I had to draw this when I got back in the dry....lots of little named fish on a statue of a woman mending nets.... Bridlington fishermen I think....

Monday, 28 March 2016

The New Family Herbal Botanical Physician,1872

 Snippets from Sue Rothery's amazing Victorian herbal book, 
which kept me busy on a wet afternoon in Hunmanby

Remind me not to plant this in my garden...........

Bridlington Washboard

Washboard on the wall at the Station Tavern, Bridlington. Sadly made of glass, Gordon, so as much use as a chocolate fireguard! Handy tongues also supplied for thimble retrieval

Bridlington Nectar

Old enamel tea sign at the Station tavern in Bridlington. 


Remind me not to grow this in my garden

Hot Herbs

More Herbs

Forgotten Herbs

Dissing Culpepper

Matthew Robinson, author of this 1872 Herbal guide distancing himself from another more famous herbalist....

The Botanic Family Physician

Title page

Herbal Remedies

The title page for this brilliant little book of forgotten herbs and their medical use

The Herbs

 Enjoyed reading this 1872 Herbal cure book , one of Sue Rothery's mighty tomes...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

John Walker, Brickmaker of Linthwaite

Thanks to Ben Walker for kindly providing one of his great grandad's bricks. Made in Linthwaite near Titanic Mill, they were used to line the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the inside of Standedge railway tunnel. More exciting brick related news to follow......

Give Way

Enough Said

Please Give Way

Hmmm. Dewsbury Bus Museum.


Are we nearly there yet? Passengers on the exciting "Mystery Trip"
 on board a vintage double decker bus from Ravensthorpe to Bradley

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Cardiff Central


Bro'r Sgydau (Waterfall Country)

Thank you to Sue, Karen, Iris and Paula for a great Brecon Breakaway!

Last of the Mohicans

Yay! Getting drenched behind Sgwyd Yr Eira waterfall....just like in Last of the Mohicans

Magic Moss

A magical world of moss and lichen near the waterfalls, draped on stumps and twigs

Sgwyd Yr Eira

Sgwyd Yr Eira 
("Skoo-id-Ira", the waterfall we walked behind.... magical ....and wet!)

Clyngwyn Bunk Barn

Great stay at Clyngwyn Bunk Barn for Sue's 50th- fire pit fun, campfire pizzas, 
baked potatoes and stargazing

Bannau Brycheiniog

Winter Weekend trip to the Brecon Beacons.....

Giant Baby

Sights at Manchester Piccadilly en route to my friend Sue's 50th Birthday in the Brecon Beacons..