Saturday, 31 October 2015

Chewbacca Arrested in Ukraine

Ukraine Elections: Darth Vader's election agent, Chewbacca, is arrested by police for illegally driving Darth Vader to the elections I didn't make it up, see;

Return of the Jedi (by 1 vote)

Ukraine Elections: Darth Vader's election agent, Chewbacca, is arrested by police for illegally driving Darth Vader to the elections I didn't make it up, see;

Darth Vader's Election Bus

Ukraine local elections attract surprise candidate. Apparently he stands every year....wait till you see who his election agent is.....

Langsett Res

More 'shrooms. These were the only ones I knew...great walk round the res with pals Alison & Fiona. Autumn colours and pockets full of pine cones.....

Shaggy Ink Cap

Mushroom spotting at Langsett Res....

Wills O'Nats

Old barn or coach entrance to the Wills O'Nats
(Th' Owd Spotted Cow on the 1854 map)

Trombone Weather Vane

Spotted in New Mill.....

Toot, Toot!

It's the Woodsome Hall Man (I think!) Blowing his horn on the old rafter post (Tolson Museum trip). 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Old blacksmith-made iron gate near the Wills O'Nats


 Railtastic trip to The National Railway Museum at York with Marcus. Staggered to see trains from the 1980s are now museum pieces....except for the ones still being used in Yorkshire that is! Highlight for me was  a film from the driver's cab of a train going from Birmingham New Street to took nearly as long as the real thing

Pointy Finger Sign

Another helpful sign at the National Railway Museum

Bullet Train

Sign on the Bullet train at the National Railway Museum. Probably says "Please mind your head when leaving your seat"judging by the end pictograph....

Welsh Shag

More old enamel signs at the National Railway Museum in York.
 Ringers corner the market for the old Welsh favourite....

Anyone Found Tampering With these Bells

Old enamel signs at the national Railway Museum, York

Railtastic trip to York

Trip to the Railway Museum at York....

The Hole In the Wall

Great walk up to the Meltham Boundary stone near Bethany, past the Hole in the Wall marked on the 1854 OS's some things I found in the grass

A Wee Dram

Tot Before You Trot? Tossed into the grass near the horsey field at the end of Madgin Lane. Bell's Whiskey bottle....

Boundary Stone at Bethany

Old Meltham boundary stone in the wall by the track to the Wills O'Nats, on the old Wakefield to Austerlands turnpike road over the Pennines to Lancashire.I cycled up to find it last year, but  I hadn't noticed the carved hand. the light was fantastic up there yesterday....

Boundary Stone Walk

Spotted on walk up to the Meltham boundary stone near the Wills O'Nats track. Fairy rings of fly agaric under the birch trees up by the horsey field....

Monkey Meercat Llama Love Triangle

 Zoo Keeper glassed Rival in Row over Llama Keeper (Guardian, 15th October 2015)
"A meercat keeper at London Zoo was ordered to pay £800 compensation to a monkey handler after assaulting her in a row  over the llama keeper...."

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Billy the Kid: the Croquet Years

Great story in the paper about an old 1878 photo being unearthed in a junk shop featuring Billy the Kid and his posse playing croquet.... 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Dennis Healey Eyebrows

RIP Dennis Healey (30th August 1917 - 3rd October 2015), who died aged 98....... Labour Chancellor with the big eyebrows, served under Harold Wilson.

BBC says: " he lampooned senior Conservative minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe, for a verbal Commons assault he likened to "being savaged by a dead sheep", and later described his new parliamentary home in the House of lords after 1992 as "the home of the living dead".

Weather Forecasting Stone

Weather Forecasting is a breeze with this handy stone on a chain outside the Station Inn, Ribblehead