Monday, 31 August 2015

Knock, Knock

Fanstastic Spanish Knocker, in shape of a hand... I want one!

Ribblehead and Batty Moss Flowers

Cuddy Gill Pot

Thanks to Wainwright's "Walks in Limestone Country", we located most of  the caves near Ribblehead, including this great hole (Cuddy Gill Pot) with overhanging trees, wild strawberries, raspberries and honeysuckle

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Forked Tongue Devil

Wooden pew carving at Appleby church

3 Lions

Wrought iron lions on the pew end, with some nice curly candle holders, Appleby church. 

Appleby Dog

Carved dog on the box pew at st Leonard's church, Appleby


Old enamel sign on the station at Ribblehead

Huddersfield 6 Miles

The other side of the Kirkheaton milestone...

Halifax 16 Miles

Other side of the Kirkheaton Milestone

Barnsley 10 miles

Milestone at the top of Kirkheaton

Will Patrons Kindly Refrain From Bombing In the Hot Tub

 I remember this sign used to be in the swimming pool at Netherstowe school.
 I did a version to stick up over the hot tub at our des res barn on hols in the Yorkshire Dales.....

Saturday, 29 August 2015


3 Peaks Barn, near Ribblehead viaduct


Thanks to the bowler-hatted Graham, who has an eclectic record collection, including psychedelia....

Decoy Owl

Spotted on the roof of Folly Hall Mill, one artificial owl. I want one!!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

RIP Batgirl

Farewell to Yvonne Craig, "Batgirl" in the 1960s TV Show. Kapow!

Coal Hole Cover, St George's Square

In the days when Huddersfield had
a) Coal 
         b) Coal holes
                                              c) Foundries to cast coal hole covers

Hacienda Hippy Market

Groovy graphics for  a glorified car boot sale somewhere up in the mountains.. (Xabia, Spain, 2015)

Carrer Major Street signs

Ceramic tile street sign and stone sign with the image of an arm holding a pair of scales and the word "Sapena", which I think is a meeting place for street committees who organise the fiestas

Spanish street doodlings

Drawn whilst awaiting tapas at Bar Embruix, just loved the curly wrought iron work on the balconies over the street....

Wot No Tea?

UK Tea sales slum by 5%....

Xabia Jazzmen

Dixieland Jazzband with a Spanish twist

Xabia Jazz

Jazz Festival in Xabia, Spain, during our visit. But it was the well behaved variety, so we watched the free local warm up street band instead....

Owl Decoy

Spotted at Folly Hall Mills, Huddersfield. Riverside location, renovated 1840s building..
but what's that up on the roof?  
 Never seen one of these owl decoy
Plastic owl perched on the put off roosting pigeons, I think....

Bob Graham Round/ Billy Bland Relay Run Keswick 2015

Belated congratulations to Meltham runners on their Bob Graham/ Billy Bland Relay Run - an epic trek over 24 hours, including fell running in the dark. The Bob and Billy who gave their names to the race ran it in some ridiculously fast  time, yet to be bettered..

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tapas Scribblings

What we had to eat, a bulb that went bang and some nice wrought iron ("rejas") 


Poolside tiles and bricks
Please Mind Your Seat When Leaving Your Head

Flying Tiger

Our mode of transport to Leeds Bradford Airport (Grrrrrrr!)

Big Glasses

Iris Apfel, 93 Year old Cult New York Fashion Figure, famous for her colossal costume jewellery collection, outlandish outfits and outsized specs.......