Sunday, 13 November 2016

RIP 2016 Quiz

"Man Hole" Cover, Mallinson's

As promised Hokum, a potted history of a manhole (cover)
A coincidence at Mallinson's new brewery tap On The Corner, Market Square, but only if you live in Huddersfield. Mallinsons brewery is in Lockwood, but this iron manhole cover was made by a different Mallinson.........Jubb's Directory of Huddersfield, 1909 lists : Mallinson, W. & Sons. Contractors at   206a Albert Street, Lockwood. 

Excitingly, The "Commercial Motor" magazine of 23rd June 1910 was proud to record the delivery of a

"Tasker Steam Wagon" to "Messrs. William Mallinson and Sons, Contractors and Quarry Owners of Lockwood, Huddersfield".

Old School

Marcus tells me this sign I spotted in Llantwit Major (Wales) is pre 1963

Langsett Walk

 Autumn stroll collecting pine cones, finding fungus.....and bricks!

Fan Wood Forage

First Fungus Foray, Bronze expedition at Fan Woods, Spen

Monday, 24 October 2016

Ron Crabtree of The Sair

 Farewell to Ron Crabtree, legendary landlord of the Sair, whose funeral is tomorrow...I found this old poster I drew (circa 1995?) for the shambolic Sair FC Robin and friends used to play for. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Hokum Mike

Logo attempts for our band.....which one do you like??

It Pays to Buy Good Tea

My old faithful and well-traveled tea chest bass. From a canal bank in Marsden to Bourbon Street, New Orleans.....via the Asda at Wigan on a bank holiday Monday...

Blues Harp

Blues Harp, as played by Hokum's Jason Kerry

Where's me Washboard?

Zinc washboard, as played by Hokum's Gordon Wood (with thimbles)


Steel bodied resonator guitar, as played byHokum's Jason Kerry

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Magdale Stump

 I cycle past this wood carving in Magdale  by local artist Heather Crompton. My sketch doesn't do it justice, it's much more subtle and is based on the industrial history of Magdale, with its water wheel, shuttles and bobbins twisting around the old tree stump.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Longnor Well Dressing 2016. We Will Remember Them.

The brilliant Longnor Well Dressing, made by Sue Storer and the  Girls, assisted by the Stewart family (yellow bits and  brown bits!). 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Longnor Well dressing Day 2

Crushed egg shells for the skin tone, pine cones for the boots, just the tree, sky and date to finish.....can't wait to see how Sue Storer and the gang got on on Day 3!

Longnor Well Dressers at Work

Day 1: Here's the design by local Longnor artist

The design is pricked out with a cocktail stick into clay. Wool is used to trace the shape and then petals and natural materials stuck onto the clay..

Longnor Wakes Well Dressing 2016

A big thank you to Sue Storer and the gang for a great couple of days learning the gentle art of well dressing. It was a privilege to take part. Today is the day of the Longnor Wake and the Stewart family wish you all a great day. Your well dressing featuring commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme is a real labour of love and a work of art! 

DIY Well Dressing

Delighted to be involved in helping create the Longnor Well Dressing at St Bartholomew's Church

Derbyshire Fields

Sketches from my bike, on the Pennine Bridle way 

Grammar School Graffiti

 Old graffiti on Queen Elizabeth 1 Grammar School in Ashbourne, built in 1603.


 St Oswald's Terrace, Ashbourne. Comfrey growing wild on the banking

Memento Mori

Macabre Gothic gatepost at St Oswald's Church, Ashbourne; a horseshoe and hammer doorknocker and that beardy man again...

Stone Beards

Ashbourne Oddities, including a stone bearded man above door lintels (St Oswald?)

Bradbourne...a Thankful Village

Drawings from our week in Derbyshire. Why was Bradbourne thankful? 


 Chain making at the Black Country Museum...horseshoe and nail made in Netherton

The Last Nail Made In The Black Country

Nail: On August 16th, this was the last nail made in the Black Daniel, Museum volunteer on the forge. He'll have made a few more by now and let me have this beauty to keep on my window sill. Knocking off: Another volunteer in the trap works explained the origin of the saying. Ross: an old icebreaker barge. Toll House Tile: a red quarry tile with a child's hand print in it...

Black Country Horse Brass

Trip to the Wonderful Black Country Museum with Mum. There was a massive queue, so I doodled some horse brasses and canal art. It took half an hour, but was well worth the wait!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Boho Pagan Vibe

More trite airline merchandising 

Temporary Tattoos

More Airline retail therapy....or you could draw them on yourself with a biro

The Holiday Is Over

Flight delayed? Holiday over and feeling blue? Help is at hand with Ryanair's  Retail Therapy. Scratch cards, a blast of  Chanel no 5 and some LED illuminated pink tweezers to pluck your eyebrows in the dark

Ryanair Retardo

Ryanair apologise for the late arrival of this cartoon

Spanish Pipes

Tobacco pipes from Xabia museum

Andalusian Square Coins

More artifacts from the museum in Xabia- including billhooks and square coins engraved with Arabic script........

Roman Pilum

Artifacts from the museum in Xabia, Spain

Rain in Spain

Embruix balconies in the rain, in Spain


Top Tapas from Jose and family at Bar Imperial, Placa de Baix, Xabia

Cafe Tapas

Placa de Baix, tapas hotspot, Xabia, Spain

Transpennine Felix

Felix the Huddersfield station cat has his own cat flap onto the platform

737 Passenger Service Unit

For hot air, just twist the knobs. Mind luggage doesn't fall from the overhead locker.....

Sunday, 31 July 2016

St Catherine's Docks

A boat on St Catherine's Docks

Kinky Boots

A great trip out to the Adelphi to see "Kinky Boots". In case it was truly appalling, we drew up bingo cards to keep us occupied.......but they were not really needed, as it was both cheesy and kitsch!