Sunday, 24 September 2017

Lamp Posts and Weather Vanes

Any old iron....Hunmanby & Beverley.......

Street Names in Beverley

Some great street names in Beverley...

Sea Horse Door Knocker

Nice old door  knocker and  masonic sigh above a door, Beverley

Tolkien Well Dressing, Eyam

Finally got round to inking this in.....this is roughly what the finished well dressing at Eyam looked like. My contribution was some titchy black seed outlines round the borders

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dr Funk

This one's for Terry Barnes, whose shoulder surgeon has the rather wonderful name  of 
Dr Lennard Funk....

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Longnor Well Dressing 2017

Thanks again to Sue and Gaynor at Longnor for letting us join in with your well dressing. I'm plotting a South Crosland version for our own Crab Tree Well, Summer 2018...

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Nathan's 2nd Birthday card (1998) featuring Wilfred from Moorend Farm


Birthday Card I made in  2001

Pre-Privatisation Postman Pat

Card I made in the Millenium,  2000

Tweenie Clock

Here's one I made earlier (1999)


Coat of arms on a house in Hathersage....featuring 3 camels, or were they dogs?

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hipster Hathersage

Was this the  YHA Hathersage ex- Warden sporting a new look in hipster coffee joint??? 
(As seen by Debbie, YHA room mate)

 See post from 2012, below...........

Monday, 28 August 2017

Anglo Saxon tied to a bunk bed

As seen at Hathersage YHA, in the Women's dormitory, Debbie, one of my room mates, tied herself to the bunk bed to demonstrate Anglo Saxon tablet weaving, which turned out to be pretty nifty.....

Des Res, Chapel Street, Monyash

Icky Picky Lane

As seen in Monyash....the yellow cow drawing was chalked on a stile and cheered me up after being chased by frisky bullocks. As for Icky Picky Lane, what a great name!

Carpenter Weather Vane

Weather Vane on a cottage in Youlgreave....


Date stone on a cottage in Youlgreave

Train Vane

Shed-mounted train weather vane, not reflecting the current locomotives used by Northern Rail in Hathersage ...

Beware of the Toad

Bull tethering ring in Foolow marketplace and warning signs for a bull and toads in Youlgreave

Abney Barn

Black Rat and Mompesson's Well

 Weather Vane in the shape of a Black (Plague carrying) Rat, Eyam. I visited Mompesson's well, where people from surrounding areas left food. Reverend Mompesson and the villagers bravely quarantined themselves to prevent the plague spreading further.

Eyam Plague Village Tomb Carvings

Thought-provoking trip to Eyam, the "Plague Village", where many residents died in 1666...

Little John's Grave

"Care of this grave undertaken by the Ancient Order of Foresters", Little John's grave in Hathersage churchyard' reputedly excavated in the 19th century, a huge femur bone was unearthed......

Mam Tor relics

Things someone found on the Iron Age Hill fort at Mam Tor

Hope Milestones- back and sides

Guide stoop from the old Turnpike road, about 1709

Milestones in Hope

Got the train to Hope- first stop Castleton, but not by road, up over Lose Hill, Mam Tor and down Cave Dale, great walk!

Dark Peak to White Peak

My walking trip round Derbyshire...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Whosoever Well

Can't remember where I saw this one.... it would probably be called the "Whatever" well now

Dorothy Well

Dorothy paid for this one, I suspect (Portinscale)

Watering Hole

Well and washing sinks in Holmfirth

Well at Netherton

I don't think the Law directs anyone to look after this well anymore. 
Holmfirth D of E group tidied it up a while back  though!

Well at Honley, 1796

You have been warned

Yorkshire Water 1864

 Cottage dwellers at Holmfirth paid to mend their own well by public subscription, back in the day. The well at Holmfirth trickles away down the hillside, to be bottled and sold by enterprising souls further down the valley.....

Dunford Road Spout

Grubby old pump seeks kindly soul for TLC. Holmfirth area

Well at Goose Green, Holmfirth

Very well appointed....

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Going the Whole Hog

For friends up at the farm, with thanks for a fantastic 130th birthday

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Rubbing Fail

My failed  wall rubbing of graffiti on newton College, Cathedral Close , Lichfield. My photo of the schoolboy in his cap failed too, so here's a sketch instead.....

Heel Ball

Shoe-maker's polish made from wax and lamp black, also used in brass-rubbings.

 Mum had some dating from circa 1958/9 when she did some rubbings at  Middleton parish efforts to do rubbings of graffiti in Lichfield weren't so impressive!

Friday, 4 August 2017