Sunday, 13 November 2016

"Man Hole" Cover, Mallinson's

As promised Hokum, a potted history of a manhole (cover)
A coincidence at Mallinson's new brewery tap On The Corner, Market Square, but only if you live in Huddersfield. Mallinsons brewery is in Lockwood, but this iron manhole cover was made by a different Mallinson.........Jubb's Directory of Huddersfield, 1909 lists : Mallinson, W. & Sons. Contractors at   206a Albert Street, Lockwood. 

Excitingly, The "Commercial Motor" magazine of 23rd June 1910 was proud to record the delivery of a

"Tasker Steam Wagon" to "Messrs. William Mallinson and Sons, Contractors and Quarry Owners of Lockwood, Huddersfield".

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